Ajak Kwai is the rare voice of an African woman in Australia. Ajak has a haunting melodic voice which is distinctly African and to listen to her is to experience this dark continent in all its colours, rythmns and mystery.

Whether Ajak is singing in Arabic, Sudanese or English she leaves you in no doubt as to the depth and richness of her Dinka roots. Music is the vehicle for her stories of extraordinary life experiences as a refugee, exiled from her home town.

Ajak and her songs take us on a journey deeply feminine, unique from the Upper Nile to gospel singing in Cairo to Melbourne where she has successfully fused her African roots with the grassroots of Australian music. She sings about freedom, peace, love and ... cows.

Her distinctive voice and vibrant afro soul style songs have seen her in demand with many festivals including Byron Bay, Apollo Bay, National Folk Festival, Port Fairy, Melbourne International Festival. This has developed her as a performer with a style that has great appeal visually and musically that you can't help feeling you are in Africa.

Her move to Melbourne in 2007 ignited a new phase in Ajak's songwriting seeing her write and perform with many well know Australian musicians including percussionist Nicky Bomba, multi-instrumentalist Martin Tucker and fretman Chris Basile. Ajak released an album in 2008 which reflected her new funky raw Aussie/Sudanese sound.

"..Kwai has created an exciting album that showcases her magnificent vocal range" - Seth Jordan